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Regions Lock S20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 28/06/20 07:50)
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Hi to everyone. Hope you all are safe and well. I am planning to buy S20 ultra from UK. But I have to regularly travel to India. The customer care team told me if I use a UK sim first then it will unlock the regional lock and I can use the phone in India as well with my Indian sim. As it's a costly phone so I wanted to confirm that the details shared with me are correct. 

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Superuser I
Galaxy S20 Series

Hello @Pakhi 


Credits to @AntS 


"All current Samsung phones come with an active regional lock when first bought. Assuming it's not also locked to a specific network, using a SIM from the same regional origin as the phone for at least 5 minutes of total talktime will disable the regional lock and allow you to use a SIM from any other region from then on."


So as long as you make that call as above and the phone has been purchased as unlocked to all network's i.e purchased from Samsung directly then it'll work with any sim card.


The removal of the region lock just allows it to be used with any sim card out of it's home country if a person is importing a phone that's been released to be used in a particular country but is being imported to use in another known as a grey import.


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