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Recording External Audio onto Galaxy S10e not working

(Topic created on: 06-01-2021 06:39 AM)
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So I recently bought a microphone/headphone splitter just like this one (click here).


My hope is to be able to use my computer's audio for live streaming on my phone. I play music, so I hook up my keyboard, guitar and nice microphone into my computer to get the best sound. 


So the problem is my android doesn't ever recognize the cable as a mic input. When testing, the android always uses the onboard mic.


I just ordered a new converter which is mic only


I also ordered this USB C microphone adapter which is compatible with the Galaxy s10e


I even went as far as ordered this cable to output the R and L from my sound card 


Does anyone have any work-around for this? It seems like I'm trying nearly every trick in the book to get my android to use an aux-in as an external mic. As a last resort I could order something like an iRig if that may work?


Any suggestions or help will be massively appreciated!