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Problems after my last 2 updates

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
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Galaxy S20 Series

Just wondering if anyone has encountered problems with their S20 after the last 2 updates.

After G980FXXU9DUH2 update my phone wouldn't charge on the car charger(charging only when completely turned off)

I have checked the chargers,the cables,the phone port and everything is ok.I have 3 different chargers in my car and 3 different cables and all of them are working perfectly on my old S9+ (that never had an update installed on it)on my wife's Iphone 11 pro max,S9+ (with all the updates),on S6 edge and J5

I also cleared the cache with the buttons combination,still nothing.

I have updated my phone again to the latest one and still the same,but on top of my charging issue,now my phone is getting hot very quickly when using web browser and facebook.

The phone is charging normally at home,plugged in or wireless.

Any taughts?

Many thanks in advance