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Phone unlocks after ringing

(Topic created on: 26-07-2022 04:01 PM)
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Hi, I have what seems to me to be a severe security issue with my sw0 Ultra 5G.

If my phone is on but locked/idle black screen, I then receive a phone call which I do not answer I just leave the phone to ring out - once the phone stops ringing and I guess my voicemail kicks in, the phone is now completely unlocked and anyone can access anything on my phone. Bear in mind I have not touched the phone at all since I locked it! Yet now it's Infront of me completely unlocked!!

Please can someone help me with setting or whatever is needed to rectify this very serious security issue!

I use my phone for business and I have thousands of customer contact details and sensitive information which would be a serious data protection issue should my phone end up in the wrong hands!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Just just just now tested with my S22 Ultra, left unattended, called from my other phone, let it went to answer phone, got a family member to check my phone (to avoid facial recognition).. It's all fully locked down....
So it may be a glich with your phone..
All the best
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@djcrombie Hello, try forced restart and check again. Keep the Power and Volume buttons pressed, until you restart the phone. Greetings.

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That's very odd indeed, @djcrombie. I've tested this and, as expected and to echo what @IndiW has written, I've been unable to replicate this.

I am unclear on which lock methods you have set up on your S20 Ultra. The following article may prove to be very helpful, as it would certainly be worth looking at adding a new (or additional) screen lock:

I'd also recommend having a look at the thread below to see if this will assist you in pinpointing whether a setting needs to be changed:

The issue raised is not identical to the one you have raised. However, there may be some overlap here.

If this doesn't enable you to get this matter resolved, it would definitely be worth reaching out to one of our Support Teams here:

Please keep us updated. 

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So I think it was down to the fact I was near my "trusted devices" and "trusted places" as I've turned them all off and now it stays locked. Makes sense why it unlocks now but still slightly annoyed that it stays unlocked and doesn't lock again at all.

There's probably another setting I need to find that kicks lock on after 10 secs or so 🤔