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OneUI and Android functionality

(Topic created on: 25-07-2020 09:38 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

First i will say i am very satisfied with the new S20+ together with my Galaxy Watch 2. I think you have the best hardware and the nicest look on the phones. But why do you replace very good functionality in Android with your own software? Why use a lot of development hours to create something that already exists, and often is better?

1. Bixby Feed - Why can't i choose Google Feed instead, which i think is better?

2. I suggest you change the "All Apps" view to default Android scrolling. Then you can scroll much faster instead of page-by page.

3. Now and then your sw updates slows down the phone, and then i feel the need to switch to another make.

4. Millions of your customers use Google Chrome on their comuters, which stores passwords, favourites etc. Then it would be convenient to have Chrome and Google Password Manager as default when you get your new Samsung phone, to avoid using hours on remembering passwords in the initial setup.


This was just a few issues i want you to address, so you can get more satisfied customers.




P.R. Eidstumo