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OneUI 3.0 stable release

(Topic created on: 04-12-2020 10:55 PM)
Galaxy S20 Series

So, the stable release is here in the UK, and its disappointing that none of the features I asked for in the beta were actually implemented. 

Worse yet: they continue to remove functionality from things... The first thing that I'm used to doing is turning my TV on and off using Bixby - that no longer works. stating the functionality is only supported on 2018 TVs. How frustrating is it that this tech is more than capable of supporting functions but you deliberately refuse it!? That's jus the first thing I've found to be downgraded. 

Apart from bug fixes. There's nothing the beta has accomplished in terms of user requested features or functionality.

I can only hope that 3.1 does a better job of addressing actual user feedback and not just bugs, and will actually be on its way sooner rather than later. 


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Galaxy S20 Series
this new version oneUI 3.0, is terrible, it messed up my 512gb samsung sd card and now shows errors in my new Samsung 256gb card .
it's got so many glitches, it rather stick to android 10.
it's like having windows ME, when XP was perfect
Galaxy S20 Series
It really is a mess! worst beta/upgrade programme ive been apart of to date!