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One UI 3.0 the ugly, the good and the bad and what can be done in future One UI iterations

(Topic created on: 07-12-2020 08:36 AM)
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I had the chance to briefly test the One UI 3.0 on an s20 device (I have myself and s10plus but I am not in the beta program).

The ugly:

  • Android 11 doodle game which was way better in android 5 days :winking-face:

The good:

  1. Smoother animations (?even though the previous one where good.
  2. A drop down menu much more similar to One UI 1.0 which was way more usable than one UI 2.0 has).
  3. Stricter background app battery usage.

The bad:

  1. Less flexible battery profiles to select (removal of maximum power saving and leaving a mode which is similar to medium power saving of One UI 2.0 but from what I could see it is not completely identical and feels a little bit short on some sides?)
  2. Good lock incoming only in February 2021 when i think that the one UI version launch should be aligned with its compatible good lock release
  3. Removal of swipe on lock screen clock to access different panels such as the music panel, now you need to click on the clock to bring it fullscreen to do theat, then swipe and then press the back button to close it (3 more unnecessary steps for such a simple thing!)


What can be done in the future one UI versions?

  1. Bring back maximum power saving and make medium power saving more flexible with more suboptions to be able to control many more aspects compared to what you can currently do.
  2. Make the lock screen simple again :winking-face:
  3. Try to develop good lock and one UI together in order to get both updated and compatible at the same time.
  4. Publish a document on your site with all the changes you made into the one ui version, literally all
  5. Although i see that the goal of One UI is to make things simple and accessible to anyone it would be perhaps good to have some form of setting to be able able to turn some sort of advanced user mode to let you access:
  • more data in the battery usage stat (more system apps shown but also idle consumption which was in one UI 1.0 ect.., possibility to select period of times to see the battery consumption there..)
  • being able to make costum power profiles at least in game launcher as a game specific mode which lets you select power targets for the cpu, gpu in a specific game as well as manage clock speeds and power bins when throttling occours (like armor crate launcher on ROG phones)



That is what i think about this one UI iteration and what I think it should be an improvement, if you have any other ideas or things you want to be done in another way feel free to comment below :smiling-face:

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The bad pt2:

1. Dual SIM now needs to be switched before dialling whereas in OneUI 2.5 each had a dedicated call button which was more productive.
2. Those volume buttons... just no, that looks awful.
3. The media switch (switch playback between Bluetooth devices) was in the quick notification shade, now it's in the full notification shade, which also has a huge clock and date in the middle for no reason.

My N20U productivity powerhouse is now less productive than before. nice work

One UI 2.5 was just simply better 

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It's like made by a very fat old man from apple, that can't see or click on things correctly and likes ugly features of apple. Everything is extremely large, with a lot of spacing in between things and I already have it on small..... 

I even thought for a few seconds that I had it on simplified 🤢🤮 which is even bigger and worse 🤯

I really hope they change it back AND SOON!