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Note 20 Ultra wonder phone

(Topic created on: 14-03-2024 02:49 PM)
I have been using this phone for 6 months as a replacement for my cracked but still usable S 20 Ultra. For the 5 months I have been using it as my main phone I have been impressed with the phone, but not the battery life, and also it had a bit of a lag while using the apps and switching between different apps and the Internet connection was a bit lagging too.
I could've chosen newer generation phones, but I wanted this one, because you can use the external memory card slot, which is a feature I really didn't want to give up to.
At the end of February this phone received its latest update, if not the last one, in terms of software, but this update improved it so much, and now it supports features that are available on the S24U, such as circle to search and speech to text, also it has become faster and the battery easily lasts a long time even if it's running low and I use it for making video calls and watching videos on YouTube. So I only have to charge it 2 times a day now, instead of 3 or 4 times a day. It's got Exynox CPU, just to be clear.
I am often happy still to switch between this phone and the S24U when I need to, and I can't really make a difference. 
The one other thing I love about the Note 20 Ultra is the quality of the phone in the hand and the display. It's light, it's a beautiful phone and it's got a posh look about it. 
I really love this phone Samsung. Even 3 years later, this phone is a top device in the phone world.
Helping Hand
For a good performance boost for your phone, I would perform a Clear Cache Partition. You will find a remarkable difference if you have never done this before.

I won't try and explain how to do this, but I strongly advise searching on YouTube on how to perform this.

What this does is clear all the redundant system files the phone doesn't need anymore after it's had firmware updates.

If you have never done this to your phone, you will see a big difference in performance.
I still have another year before I upgrade but reading a lot of navigate comments on here for the S24 models I'm quite happy to stick until I need to upgrade.
I have done cache partition on both my phones. I didn't know how to do it before but I learnt from this forum. Probably it's one of the reasons it works better.
Tbh I did want to keep it but because of the lag and the poor battery life I bought a new phone. I would've been happy to buy older models but I wanted S24U for the Snapdragon and the newer software and hardware and the promised 7 years of upgrades.
Like I said, since the update the Note20U received I can't really tell a big difference between the two, I couldn't before either, regarding what both phones can do.
I am happy with the S24U, my phone works great and nothing is broken in it, I can tell though that is next generation phone, my only complaint is that the camera could be better although it is great, and I wish they kept the 10x optical zoom they've put in the S23U. Otherwise it's a wonderful phone.