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No ring tones on my phone

(Topic created on: 30-08-2021 12:46 AM)
Galaxy S20 Series
Every phone I ever bought until I bought this galaxy s20fe had a big list of ring tones.
Click on one and it plays.
 This one has none at all. So I installed one. The phone has to be reset at regular intervals so that it works. Each time my ring tone disappears and turns into just a beep.
Can anyone tell me why this £700 phone, supposed to be high end, is missing basic functions of Android. I just wish to use my phone to make and receive phone calls. Not much to ask. In addition most of the time people beep me (as it beeps not rings) and when I answer they cannot hear me. The phone is not muted and this setting is turned off in accessibility settings..
It plays sounds and I can change volume.
If I cannot fix this it's going into the bin and I will move my sim into my Motorola z3play. Old but at least has basic functions like ringng and receiving calls

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Galaxy S20 Series

Hi @Hwalker1 


Your phone should have some pre loaded ringtones as this is the case with all Samsung phone's.

They should be able to be viewed in Settings, Sounds and Vibration and then Ringtone.


Personally I use this route to set my ringtone or notification tone.

Settings, Apps, email / message,  Notifications,  New email, Sound and then choose the preferred sound.

May I ask who supplied the phone to you  ?

Also can you get to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre as they'll be able to help you with this too.


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