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Need help, Samsung Music is Broken!!!

(Topic created on: 30-06-2020 11:31 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I need help. I just got a new phone (S20 5G) and i tried to download some royalty free music to my phone from the internet. When I go into my Samsung Music, the album art, artist, genre has been replaced by that of song with the same name but different artist, album art etc. I can only assume that it is replacing all track details except from the name based off of the songs on Spotify with the same names as this issue arose when Spotify combined with samsung music. Any songs I want to listen to that aren't on Spotify I have to download to my phone to listen to. It seems as if any song I download, the details are replaced by a track from Spotify. Having Spotify within Samsung Music is helpful to swap between the two but it is so annoying when I look at my phone to see what song I am listening to and it says John Legend or something when I am obviously not. It's enfuriating. Please fix this.