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Mystery Hole S20 FE

(Topic created on: 23/03/21 15:30)
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So, I purchased the S20 FE 5G just before Christmas and only recently a hole appeared in my back camera lens cover! It looks like a squirrel tried to sniper shoot me! The phone definitely didn't drop and impact on anything protruding to make this type of hole. After looking at various forums I discovered that there is a common theme here whereby other S20 users were experiencing the same issue. I find it very hard to believe that many users have had the same incident! Also that no one in the customer service or complaints dept have heard of this! One complaint was from a Samsung forum! Long story short- sent my phone to see if this would be covered under warranty and explained why and i was told to pay £134 for the repair. I have no problems paying for something that i broke but now it's just the principle that i won't pay for this. Has anyone else had this?


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Superuser I
Galaxy S20 Series

The common problem in all these threads you speak about is proving that it wasn't accidental damage , but instead a design issue or flaw.

Unless Samsung issues a recall or publicly states an issue it would either be a Goodwill Gesture or pay a repair fee.

Other options would be some form of insurance @Noel99 

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