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Keeping an app awake

(Topic created on: 21-10-2020 12:32 PM)
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I want to set some apps to always be able to run. I'm currently missing important notifications because my mobile is putting certain apps to sleep. I have the options of "apps not optimised" and "apps that won't be put to sleep". According to a Google search, I'm supposed to make sure any apps I want to keep "awake" are on both lists. However, if I select an app to NOT be optimised, I can't add it to the "apps that won't be put to sleep" list.

I don't know the right setting to keep my apps awake.

What is the difference between "apps not optimised" and "apps that won't be put to sleep"?

Which one should I choose to keep apps awake?

Do I need to change my battery Power Mode to High Performance (it's currently on Optimised)?

Do I need to change the settings for Adaptive Battery or Adaptive Power Saving?