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Individual Text Notification Sound Outside Of Thread

(Topic created on: 27-07-2020 12:57 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

Are you kidding me! During this weekend I spent numerous hours scrolling through upset Samsung client messages. Samsung, you have more tech developers than any other company. How can you release an $1,100 cell phone with out fixing the individual Text Notification sound concern. Prior to the release of the Note 8, an android phone had the capability to assign an individual text notification sound. Understanding that you can apply a text notification sound to an individual within a thread, you CANNOT assign one at the contact level. I bought your new phone and paid over $1,100 with the hopes you were listening to your clients. But I guess not...  Please remember, if clients start to loose interest in your products due to lack of benefits, they always have the option to purchase from your competitors. 


Sincerely a 15 year loyal client.