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Image correction

(Topic created on: 24-11-2022 06:38 PM)
New Member
Galaxy S20 Series

The feature on the camera "Scan documents and text" which allows you to take pictures of documents straight or at angles and then gives you the ability to adjust the document using the 4 dots so that it is straightened out, can you please add this feature as a main so that other objects other than text/documents can be adjusted to do the same. E.g picture of a building taken at an angle, use the 4 dots at corners of the building to make it straight. So far, this is a fantastic feature but I feel it is limited that it can only be used for documents or texts.
It would also be really good if you could add it to the Gallery so that other images/pictures already taken can be adjusted/altered.
It would be awesome if you lot could do this.
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Galaxy S20 Series
You can go into the support section on the Members App and leave feedback in there for the developers to see.
If they like the idea, they will give you feedback as well
Though computational wise. It would be a lot of work to get consistent results with sometimes very complicated scenes
But you never know