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How to switch wirelessly from iOS to the new Galaxy S20

(Topic created on: 01-06-2020 03:48 PM)
Samsung Pro

As mobile technology develops further and further, an increasingly large part of our life flows through the devices we keep in our pocket everyday.


Pictures, messages, information, memories, useful data, and much more is stored in the memory of our mobile phones, and with increasing storage sizes we're more inclined to delete less and keep more. But what happens when we change our device? We surely want all of those data to be moved across our new personal companion, and this can be source of trouble sometimes, especially when we move over from a different OS.


Samsung users have not to worry though, because there is a tool designed specifically to make this process as seamless as possible: Samsung Smart Switch.


Smart Switch automatically identifies your files on your old phone and helps you bringing them in an optimised way to your brand new device. The process can be done with a wired connection, but a wireless method is also available, to save you even the smallest inconvenience, like finding an adaptor.


Let's find out how it's done!


  • Open the Smart Switch app on your new phone
  • Tap "Agree" before tapping "Allow"
  • Select "Receive Data" and then select "iPhone/iPad"
  • Connect your old phone to your new one
  • Log in with your iCloud credentials
  • Select the stuff you want to move across
  • Wait while it imports your stuff
  • Hit "Next" untill you're all done

Let's see it in real life below!