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How to download catmouse on samsung?

(Topic created on: 11-08-2020 05:19 AM)
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Hello friends,
I am using samsung s20 phone. Recently, the catmouse application by  can help users watch movies and favorite TV channels for free. So I really want to use catmouse once on samsung phone.
Although I searched all the sources to download the catmouse, I still couldn't find a good download place. Now I want to ask you how to download catmouse on samsung?

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As far as i understand it that app is available via an apk file @ClaireOliver 


Which means it's outside of the sanctity of the Playstore.


They haven't been vetted to ensure they cause no harm or have any malware etc within them.


These apk apps/ files can be harmful.


Also the app looks to allow access to streaming content which you call "free",  but maybe subject to copyright material laws.


Your phone is set up out of the box to stop downloads from unknown sources.


To download apk files please Google Search.




I in no way endorse using apk files.

A person proceeds at their own informed decision knowing the potential issues involved.


🌈 Stay Safe & Stay Alert.  🌈 



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there is another great one ziontv I find it very fast compared to catmouse you can find it on a Google search ziontvapk but as @bandofbrothers said some valid point it is up to you if you download these apps from Google, If you do use it just click the X when it opens and everything is Free no need to pay and it rarely gives an advertisement, ive used it 3 months so far issue free
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strix app , can be downloaded from play store.
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plenty to watch on it...