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How do I get Samsung UAE to replace my Faulty Phone

(Topic created on: 06-12-2020 04:24 PM)
Galaxy S20 Series

Hiya! I bought my S20+ 5G about 6 months ago! since the very month of purchasing the phone! it started showing signs of a bad unit! it would overheat and by that I mean it reached a temperature of 50+ degrees. Using a trusty temperature App I have seen a high of 56-58 degrees and that is Celsius. This is an Exynos model! my phone spends a week or two every month in a Samsung service center. My Phone randomly reboots, and now it is giving me another issue! When I plug my phone in at 30+ battery percentage, it will switch off and it will then show me a Hazard indication showing a little thermometer and then it refuses to charge for a while! Samsung UAE is aware of this issue and they blame it on the software even when the technician clearly stated that this is a hardware issue and it is really tough to exactly pinpoint where this issue is arising from! What do you guys think I should do? they say that the phone is fine and they do not even want to talk about a replacement. What can I do to get a Replacement?