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honest review

(Topic created on: 30-01-2021 09:27 AM)
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Hi there I am a YouTube content creator, my channel is about abandoned and paranormal investigations. I explore places that are haunted or just abandoned showing my content to the world. My original phone was a Samsung j3 2017 it did me well with my videos. However the new year came about and I had a chance for a new phone. I knew instantly it was going to be samsung but which one, then I got a awesome deal in my price range the Samsung galaxy s20 4g fe. So I jumped at the chance for taking explore pictures it is awesome. Great lenses and good pictures jsut wish they could make it so you could alter the picture setting personally not just the aspect ratio. Also when filming as you guessed it my videos mostly are night time to add to the feel of them. I thus have to use a external panel light which then poses its own issues for example low light or light in my way creates the screen to struggle to keep up. As the crew isn't 4k ready screen it it's a lot lower resolution. All in all its a awesome phone tho with me testing them and polishing then to there limits then I hope samsung will push and improve even further on their phones. I would also like to be able to test out new phone to help them get better. Wanting a video review go subscribe to my channel
As with me now having the phone a month I will be making a review on the phone pros and cons on my YouTube channel. Along with further review as I progress in using this new phone. Also anyone into filming and equipment reviews or even just adventures like I do check my channel out as I push this phone to its limits and beyond