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Google TTS issue

(Topic created on: 14-03-2020 03:33 PM)
Samsung Members Star ★★★

Hi, I use Google TTS to reading books. I used do use S10+ and it have worked well. Now on my S20+ is there an issue: when I switch to another application the sound breaks for a short moment. When I swiotch to Samsung speach, ot works well but I'm used to listening Google voice.

I was able to reproduce the issue not only in the application by also in Settings dialog. I tried using Google TTS and switched to Facebook application, the souns breaks. Then I changed to Samsung voice, everything is OK. I switched again to Google TTS and it had issues.

I tried the same on Galaxy Fold and everything was OK.

Can somebody confirm that the issue is reproducible also on other devices than mine? But it must be an S20.

Here is a video which demonstrates the issue:

First Poster

I have the same issue on my A52. It breaks my app for all ltest samsung devices. and I have no way to fix from the application side  because it requires google tts on some language wich is not supporter by Samsung TTS.