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Galaxy S20 Ultra One UI 3.0 Microphone not working

(Topic created on: 03/04/21 16:39)
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Galaxy S20 Series


I have Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and after update to Android 11 and One UI 3.0 in December I have started to have issues with this phone.

During call randomly my microphone drop out and the other side can't hear me at all. I have already tried factory reset and other stuff that support told me to do. This problem also occurs when calling on loudspeaker or then having headset ( both cable  headset and wireless Galaxy Buds +) so assume it's a software bug.  Also my father and fiend who have the same model, got same issue after update to Android 11 One UI 3.0. So it must be a software bug.

It's annoying, every time i have to cancel the call and call again, sometimes about 3-4 times per 20 minute call. It is TWO MONTHS since i reported this issue and nothing changed. 

SAMSUNG please help! How can this happen in top model series?!?!?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Galaxy S20 Series
I have had the same issue twice. I haven't dropped my phone but the microphone stopped working - callers can't hear me when I use loudspeaker and there's no sound detected on videos. It was resolved through a software update, but I have just updated again and alas, the problem has returned. Really need help to solve this.