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Galaxy S20 FE Heating issue, Low refresh rate and horrible Samsung Service

(Topic created on: 12-11-2020 05:34 PM)
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I recently bought Samsung Galaxy S20 FE from Samsung dealers in India. And since then my life has turned upside down. The phone is advertised with primary feature of 120Hz Amoled super smooth display.
The phone switches to 60 Hz with couple of minutes of usage. The main reason why I bought this phone was 120Hz refresh rate and that feature disappears with 2 mins of normal usage. The phone heats up so much near the rear camera and from earpiece module that it hurts my ears while making calls (It is already winter season here, so the ambient temperature is already low. God knows what will happen in summers). The charging goes super slow when this happens.
All this happens when I am normally using my phone (NOT GAMING). I went to Samsung service centre and when I tried explaining the issue, the technician asked me what is 120 Hz???? I was shell shocked to hear that from a samsung certified engineer. Since then my phone is lying in service centre with no resolution. I have travelled over 200 miles back and forth to service centre in last 7 days as I stay far from service centre.


@SAMSUNG, can you please explain what was my fault in paying INR 45000 to you? Why am I paying a premium and still suffering? 


SAMSUNG few details for you -
My phone is in  India service centre with following job id - 4313740738.

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Hi @mohitduhan_md 


Your certainly not having a good experience with your phone  😞


Unfortunately I have read other posts here in regards to people experiencing heating issues with their s20 phone.


May I ask is it the Exynos version your using ? I ask as this soc seems to be the culprit.


The refresh rate on my N20 Ultra is an adaptive refresh rate so it changes in connection to what I'm doing on my phone which saves battery and better optimises my phone.


I think yours should either stay at 60hz or 120hz depending on which setting you've chosen.


People are choosing 60hz to save on battery and experience better optimisation which is a shame as 120hz is an option so should work and be enjoyed.


Are you out of any Cooling Off Period that you can return the phone to have it swapped out for a new phone  ?


If so then unfortunately you would have to persevere with the Samsung Service Centre.


Authorised engineers are just that i.e they can work on a phone without voiding the warranty however I would have thought they'd have some knowledge on what features phone's have that they have training on to work with.


This is a forum and not a Customer Service route so please do contact your countries official Samsung Support department.


I wish you all the best with this. 



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