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(For Samsung's managment) Intentional software sabotage and questionable default settings on current OS version (20.04.2020)

(Topic created on: 20-04-2020 06:29 PM)
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I wanted to shed light on these serios and stupid issues, which should not be in first place in Samsung Galaxy S9, S20 (and probably other models too). These problems are in both phone models. Please fix them!


Intentional software sabotage:

1. In camera app there is option to record 1080p@240fps (continuos), but phone by force and without consent will convert video to 1080p@30fps with slow motion AND WILL DELETE ORIGINAL (1080p@240fps) VIDEO, so you can't edit it later or use external programs on computer or watch it on high refresh rate screens (cought cought like on S20 120fps screen). On old software version (tested on S9), software didn't do this very anoying thing. At any point of time, you could edit video and original will not be deleted. BTW I am not only who sees this as a massive problem -


2. It is no longer possible to record 4K@60fps direcly on SD card, yet in older OS versions (tested on S9), you could do that (without problems and without dropped frames). There is very crazy idea: How about warn user, that 4k@60fps require fast SD card AND LET USER MAKE THE DECISION. Please don't be restrictive as Apple. This has 2 negative side effects - internal flash memory will wear out faster and you can't record as long videos.


3. The built in Screen recorder can only record up to 1080p@30fps, which is very outdated, too low, too stuttery and unusuable framerate in 2020, WHILE 3TH PARTY AD, MICROTRANSACTION FILLED, UNOPTIMISED, UNTESTED SCREEN RECORDERS CAN RECORD 1440p@60fps. Why, Samsung? You make your own SoC (with very powerful dedicated hardware video encoder), why can't you let the user record in max resulution and framerate? The hardware is capable of that.


4. Retarded recording time limit on S9 for 4K@60fps (5 minutes). Why? Is it because "to not let phone overheat"? There is very crazy idea (Which was used by Sony in Z3 in 2013): how about phone doesn't use ***** time limits and only stop recording, when phone is hot? What I find funny is that, if you try to bypass 5 minute recording limit on S9 by restarting recording, phone anyways will not let you record video, while it is hot.


5. You can't use 1440p@120hz display mode, because Samsung said so. (Only 1080p@120hz are currently supported) The phone is capable of that and even Samsung said, that they are working and maybe will enable this feature in the future. Why can't Samsung give the user choice: Amazing looking screen VS better battery life? Android users are not iSheep! Let them make decisions on their own!


Very questionable default settings:

1. The S20 is capable of 1440p@120fps* screen video output. By default, S20 is set only on 1080p@60fps. Why? 120fps looks so so amazing, why make the user to dig deep in settings to enable it? It should be on by default. Hell, even 120fps screen on it's own would be worth the upgrade. It makes night and day difference. Just look reviews on S20 (well, only few reviewers have found that hidden setting to enable 120hz screen).



Features, which are super essential for security and privacy, which I would like to see in phone:

1. Being able to block internet access to individual apps (iOS already have this essential feature built in for years). I am using NoRootFirewall to restrict internet access and I have discovered many spyware apps (which were from Play store) in that way (like battery % indicator for very old phone, which tried to access internet). Also, it allows to block ads. Can't connect to the ad servers = no ads. Some Android phones allows to that and even block ads system wide.

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It still says that 240fps 1080p is a feature on their website. That might be false advertising.