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First and last Samsung. Poor quality and poor design.

(Topic created on: 26/12/20 01:55)
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Galaxy S20 Series

For 20 years I have had a mess of Motorolas, Pixels, and IPhones for a family of 6.  Today we got our first Samsung.   I picked up a S20 FE as a Christmas gift for myself.    As soon as I took it out of the box I put it in an Otterbox and put on a screen protector.   This afternoon I took the dog for a walk.  The phone fell out of my pocked on the side of the road (ie in the grass).  I picked it up to find that the whole screen was 100% shattered.  From top to bottom, left to right.


The screen protector was not broken and didn't have a mark on it.  Likewise the case it was in didn't have a scratch or mark on it.  Just the screen.   Look up the specs on the glass and it is designed to withstand a 6.5ft drop.  I measured, and my pocket was at 36 inches.    Then I looked up screen cracks on the last couple generations of S series phones and there are a huge number of complaints where screens crack with very minor falls, or just overnight, or while gaming.   Samsung is not designing their phones to properly support the strength of the glass.  Or it is putting pressure on it to the point that looking at them wrong causes them to break.


Then they refuse to support what is clearly defects in their design because it is never their fault.  It must be the poor sucker that put the phone on their nightstand and woke up to a disaster on a $1k device.    I've seen and had far worse drops than a phone in a case with a screen protector and never seen just the phone glass break.


Then to add insult to injury.  I've had to replace lots of screens with 4 kids.  Very hard and clear impacts causing those issues.  you just pop off the glass and glue in a new one.   Not this piece of junk.  You have to disassemble the whole phone and then replace the whole digitizer in addition to the glass.


It is pathetic and frustrating to see a company making billions of shoddy workmanship and design on big ticket items and not standing behind their product or owning up to their issues.

Galaxy S20 Series

You are not alone on this subject Wrekless


Other Galaxy S20 FE users have reported similar issues with their screens. Here is just one thread on the subject... S20 FE Broken screen


Prior to release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE it was impossible to find the details of the glass used on these models. It was correctly thought that it would be Corning's Gorilla Glass but unusually,  no mention of it is made in the spec's for the S20 FE on any of Samsung's worldwide sites and there was speculation that it could be Victus, (Note 20), or Gorilla Glass 6, the same as the flagship S20's, or even Gorilla Glass 5, (Galaxy S8).


It was only when Samsung's carrier partners started to publish the spec's of the S20 FE, (see screenshot of Vodafone website spec's, below), that it was confirmed as the 7 year old Gorilla Glass first used on the old Samsung Galaxy S4's... Corning's Gorilla Glass 3.


Even back then, there were tests to show that the Gorilla Glass 3 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 did not fair well in a face down drop of 4 feet. See the video in this 2013 article... 


Galaxy S4 drop test shows Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 is still not impact resistant


Vodafone U.K. website spec's for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.




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Galaxy S20 Series
You are either telling a lie or not telling the whole truth. There is no way dropping it on grass has completely shattered your screen. It either bounced off of the curb or hit a stone in the grass. How does a phone just drop out of your pocket? Gravity pushes things down. Not pulls things up out of your pocket. Since paying £100s for phones I have never dropped a phone. Simple way it to be more careful.