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Does factory reset fix problems with the ONE UI 4 update?

(Topic created on: 19-02-2022 08:28 PM)

Hello All,

Since the update I have the following issues with my S20+ 5G Exynos:

- Phone restarts randomly when the notification or quick settings panel is open

- After the restart few of my apps won't open (Galaxy Store - black screen, Instagram - stuck on splash screen). Exactly the same happens after an auto restart that is set up in Device Care. Doing a full manual restart fixes the problem unless the phone restarts itself again.

- Biometric authentication does not work in my banking apps - the apps say an error occured and the fingerprint scanner does not show up. After a restart is works for a while then the issue returns.

- Battery life is significatnly worse in general, but Battery Usage under Device Care shows nothing unusual. 

- Chrome sporadically open in tab view, not with the last open tab

- Return to home animation is glithy (using gesture navigation)

I had none of the issues above before the ONE UI 4 update. I have been offered another update that includes the january security patch which solved none of the problems above. Yes I have cleared the cache partition, cleared cache, data and reinstalled every app that produces issues. I don't have any 3rd party cleaner app or launcher installed. In Device Care no app crashes are reported. I have disabled or uninstalled every app that I don't use. I have all apps updated via the Play Store or Samsung Store.

I got in touch with Samsung support and after a technician logging in to my device and running diagnostics all they can say that I should do a factory reset because there are errors reported with my battery, proximity sensor and barometer...

Of course my problem is that doing a factory reset and reconfiguring everything is days of work even with a Smartswitch backup, and I also read reports that similar issues introduced by the Android 12 update are not fixed by a reset. I don't seem to have any other choice but before I do the reset I would like to hear your experiences - in case you had similar issues, did a reset help?

Also dear Samsung, seeing the number of issues reported at least you should acknowledge the problems and confirm you are investigating...



Try removing everything from the quick settings panel except these - fixed the random reboots for me.  



Not sure why, but seems like I can no longer reproduce this issue... 


iv been having a similar issue where my phone will just be in my pocket and it will randomly crash iv done 2 factory resets which helps for about 1-4 weeks and iv also done the cache clear and more started back with the May security patch. going to try what one reply said and remove some of the quick access icons