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DO NOT Update to OneUI 3.0 - Battery Drain

(Topic created on: 02-01-2021 07:25 PM)

Hello everyone,


This is just a friendly heads up - coming from Galaxy S20 FE 5G here, recently updated to OneUI 3.0 (Android 11) which is nice and all but it has one major flaw at this time - the battery drain is obscene. Losing 6% over night on airplane mode.


Today, charged my phone from 20% to 85% and with nothing but wi-fi and auto sync enabled, in a couple of hours in which I didn't touch my phone, and barely had 1 minute of screen on time, and only a single messenger message received (no calls or any other interaction), I lost 5% battery in a couple hours.


Just as a comparison, previously (on OneUI 2.5 - Android 10) I would lose on average 2% overnight on airplane mode, and nowhere near as much as 5% in such a short amount of time on idle.


Here's a screenshot from OneUI 3.0 battery usage (which is also bugged - & of what I'm describing above - the battery drain is not even reflected if I'm looking at the apps here!



So if you value your battery life, screen on time, and generally the mileage you can get daily out of your device, do not update to Android 11 just yet.


EDIT: usage time has improved in my experience since I posted this. The idle drain got back to normal pretty quick, and as of today it feels like really good usage time again, still a pinch below the previous version, but very decent. It feels as if the adaptive battery had to relearn everything from scratch, not sure if that's actually the case, just what it feels like.

Hope you all have a good experience.


I got the One UI 3.0 update last week and my battery life has been noticeably worse since.  My phone drains significantly more overnight than it previously did, and my battery life at certain points of the day is far lower than I'm used to.  SoT seems like it is slighyly worse, but its the idle screen off time that seems to be draining more rapidly than before.

So it's not Android 11 in particular as I've been on that for awhile with no noticeable battery issue, but definitely One UI 3.0 specifically.  (I know the thread title says it's One UI 3.0 causing the issue but the original post, toward the end, mentions to not update to Android 11, which I don't think is the issue, at least not in my case)


Okay, my phone is 2 months old. Before the android 11 and one UI 3 update, I had to charge it every 24 hours. After the update I need to charge it 2 times in a day!

Battery performance is now worse than my 4 years old C7 device.  Things I tried: I've made clean install (recovery mode) and cleaned the device cache. Didn't even restore from backup.  Callibrated the battery  There is no abnormal app usage.  I've updated to one UI 3.1 but problem still exist.

 There are many reddit users complained about this issue. So there is clearly software issues. 

And will there be an update to solve battery issues?

I was very happy with this phone before update. Now I regret my choise.


It sucks that it has come to this, but the only solution I have come up with is to use power saving mode.  Battery life feels much closer to normal doing this, but it's unfortunate that I have to make this concession.  Overall it's not causing me any huge problems though, so it's worth using it to me.  Good luck.

At least it takes screwnshots