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Design of Rear panel of upcoming S series

(Topic created on: 20/10/20 09:19)
Galaxy S20 Series

Firstly I don't know anything about design .but I am frustrated with changes in the design of s series in every iteration. so i decided to drop a suggestion.


As you know the upcoming s21 series design leaked or that's what you people say


Why do you have to cover entire camera sensors area with black glass why not just cut out the portion where the camera sensors were placed,like s9 series although that is dual camera you wouldn't notice anything as the sensors are increasing the more back space they are occupying just cutout invidual sensor. You managed very thin cutout on the front panel


I know the sensors are wide and leaves a bump but why cover entire area . You can just cover the outer borders of the camera sensor


As the new upcoming design shows the edges / sides are also  covered with the glass that is supposed to be covering just cameras


Why not just cut out the glass like you do with the front panel instead of covering whole camera system. Like I said I don't about why you decided to do that but atleast don't cover the side with the glass.I mean people like  colours they want to see more of it. You are covering most of the area with the glass. If you lessen the glass that is covering these sensors it will leave more room to the phone color. you can't reduce the bump by merging with the side .the sensors are thick so unless they are made thin the bump remains to be unchanged . Anyway the verdict is I want to see more color on the phone as opposed to the black covering the entire camera area I wish you do some thing. I only took a look on the upcoming s21 black variant.I hope you change the design atleast in the upcoming year



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Galaxy S20 Series

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