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couple of questions

(Topic created on: 05-08-2020 08:10 PM)
Hi everyone.

First time I've posted in the community as I have found many of my answers already through you guys. 

I have a couple of questions which I cannot seem to find the answers to though, so here it goes...

1) I have a problem. I was changing my case over and the power button came loose. Anyone know where I can get a replacement from?

2) Anyone know where I can get the original Samsung screen protector for the S20 Ultra as I cannot seem to find one anywhere?

3) Everytime I shake my phone I can hear a rattle. It's only started today. I've not dropped my phone or anything so I don't understand what could be wrong?

I am trying to avoid sending for warranty and insurance purposes as I have way too many things setup on this phone. 

Any help and advise will be very helpful.

Thank you everyone

Hi just a quick one, the camera does have a rattle, it's definitely not broken. And try the alomet screen protectors on Amazon, really good and the fingerprint sensor works fine. 👍