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Contact photos on recent calls

(Topic created on: 04-03-2021 07:20 PM)
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Keith Hartley Original Poster
14 hr
Contact photos on recent calls 1 Reply 1 Upvote
Do the programmers of android ask the general public about changes they are going to make to one's phone and get feedback on it, sometimes I think they just think oh, dum dum dum dum that will be good 😞

Since the update to android 11 my contact photos have gone from the recent list, my eyes are not very good and I relied on seeing the photos of who I called or called me on the recent list, people do associate images more than they do text.

Been with Android from the start, but I'm now getting tired of it, when you don't have the options, the previous recent list on android 10 was perfect.

OH look if you click on the name of the person in the recent list it now shows you the contact photo, what is the point in that? You already have clicked on the name so you know who it is.
Please put this back to how it was, or at least give a option to turn it on or off.