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Can we get an update on the One UI 2.5 release date and its features?

(Topic created on: 28-04-2020 04:14 AM)
Galaxy S20 Series

My experience with my S20+ has been great so far, even if the missing headphone jack was not at all welcome, but I have found some things to be missing that no update as of yet has addressed. They include but are not limited to:


  • Full 1440p+ QHD+ Resolution at 120hz (not just FHD at 120hz)
  • Pro Photo and Pro Video Support for the Ultrawide and Telephoto Cameras
  • 60 FPS Support for the Ultrawide and Telephoto Cameras
  • Full screen gesture support with 3rd party launchers (using the one bar method instead of the three bars originally from Android 9.0


I know the latter is speculated to come with One UI 2.5 but I have no confirmation for the first 3 bullet points. I would really appreciate official confirmation that they are coming. 


Secondly, I would like to know the Estimated Time of Arrival for One UI 2.5. Some rumors speculate it will be with the Note 20 release, but if history is any indication, that would mean August. If it is confirmed that One UI 2.5 is coming in August, then I kindly ask that it be expedited. It is completely unreasonable to be waiting months for these fixes given that this stuff should have already been added or fixed before the S20 released.


I don't mean to come off as disrespectful, but when a company asks $1,000 or more for a phone, it should at least be able to do all the things it advertises to its best ability, and things competing devices with similar hardware, such as the OnePlus 8 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 10, can do. 


If the features I mentioned aren't on the docket, I kindly ask that a forum admin/mod forward the ideas to the software development team. It would be a great shame if these features didn't make it onto the S20 lineup. 


Thank you. 

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Galaxy S20 Series

you will never get info by the staff about an ureleased product.

However it wil come 99 on 100 with the galaxy note 30, however if there will be new features or not is unknown