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Camera glass broken

(Topic created on: 05-08-2020 10:39 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

Hi there,

I got a new Samsung galaxy s20+ and was happy. But after about 2 weeks period i noticed the camera glass on the back was cracked.


And i felt a heat building up in the phone.

By then i thought it was a back process eating cpu. But after a while the camera censor for regulating the brightness on the phone stopped working propperly. So i turned it off and the heat build stopped.


But then i also discovered that the camera stopped working all together. I mean i tried everything from hard reboot to factory reset. But it still it crashes and gave a message: Warning Camera failed.



I vissited a Sertified Samsung Workshop and they gave me an invoice on changeing the back shell of the phone for allmoste 400$

and said that they could probably fix the camera on the warranty..  If i told the clerk about the camera when turning the phone in!...


But seriously I've had the phone for less then a month... 


I've never been this disappointed. And the camera is a huge deal for the s20 series.


I've been fond of the galaxy phones. They allways radiate robust hardware and good quality.. And this phone is the most expencive one I've bought yet. And it brakes down after a 2 weeks with no working warranty?



They gave an invoice on changing the back shell for 400$ but gave no sertanty or even a note on the invoice about fixing the real problem.


What kind of service is that?...


Is there a way i can get my phone fixed without getting robbed?

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Galaxy S20 Series
contact Samsung directly and send it to them I did this with original galaxy and they fixed it without charge
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Galaxy S20 Series

I did this, I started a Samsung Support Chatt in my Country and after discussing the problem they refered me to a Samsung Repair phone number.

I called them them and they asked to see the phone. I whent there and they  gave me this answer.


Sure we can probably change the camera components on the warranty.

But here is an invoice for 400$ to change the back shell.


Don't forget to tell the clerk when you turn in the phone about the camera problem.


-There is nothing about the cameras not working on that invoice... 😕