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Camera behavior when faces are detected, focus and blur

(Topic created on: 30-03-2021 01:10 PM)
Galaxy S20 Series


I have come across a very odd issue with my S20 Ultra 5G, same with latest DUC7 update. The camera behavior is really odd when dealing with in-scene face detection. And specifically, how autofocus would behave. Let me explain.

Just a simple test with a palm. Open some photos of people on your PC screen and point your phone there. Of course it would start drawing grey squares detecting faces and focus there. Now move your palm into the viewfinder, and the hand would not come in focus! On the other hand, if you do this trick in a usual no-face scene, the autofocus would lock at your palm at once.

Even if you manually focus on your palm, it would keep some seconds and then it would start twitching back and forth between focusing on the faces on background of viewfinder and your palm.

Why does it behave this way? Why is it so that face is always a priority for autofocus? Could it be turned off somehow or fixed from Samsung side?

The other issue related to this and worth mentioning, if you try to really make a photo of a human face in usual photo mode, it would draw this grey square detecting a face, BUT, if even a slightest movement or head swing happens, it would try to refocus and altogether the label would appear after taking a picture like "This shot might be blurry". This never happens if you take a picture of a moving object WITHOUT a face in the scene, autofocus keeps decently well and photos are not blurred. How could this be that the behavior with faces is so odd with faces? With lower light it is even worse, if you try to take a picture of a face and person moves, you can get some surrealistic smudged and distorted face.

Please, share your experiences and Samsung answer would also be appreciated.