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bonus products on purchasing

(Topic created on: 03-09-2020 10:12 PM)
I'm a bit gutted I didn't wait a few more months to purchase my S20 Ultra. I purchased my phone in April (upgrading from the s10 plus) and appear to have missed out on the free buds or a new galaxy watch to maybe replace / upgrade my old one. Will definitely wait a decent time after next years launch. You buy a top of the range phone at the time but end up missing out on a good deal as those free accessories are probably worth a couple of hundred etc but aren't shown in relation to purchases until months after launch. 
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I've been in the same boat myself in the past @Hellfire27 


I missed out on the free Samsung Vr Headset by one day.


Unfortunately it's not always easy to gauge when offers are added as an incentive to buy a product.



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