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Blown Speakers....Voice Mic not working...dropping calls

(Topic created on: 16-10-2020 10:43 PM)
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I purchased my S20 Aug 22 2020 at Virgin Kiosk at Fairview Mall is October 16 2020....not even 2 months and the bottom speaker sounds like a bag of glass....nobody can hear me and my calls are being unimpressed by this phone...I was a life long Iphone guy but thought Id try something new....bad idea as I have read multiple complaints about the S20....I purchased the smart care so if this company has integrity im sure they wont have a problem taking this S20 back and give me an Iphone instead....if I have any problems I will let the world know.

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Galaxy S20 Series

The thing is @Slayerdale any model of phone can have a software or hardware issue so this one instance shouldn't put you off Samsung phone's in my opinion. 


I used iPhone's from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6+ and have had my fair share of software and hardware issues with them but that didn't put me off using them. The way Apple vigorously sandbox their iPhone's and iOS put me off them. 


Technology fails unfortunately.


That said I wish you all the best.



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