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Battery life on S20 5g +

(Topic created on: 20-12-2021 10:22 PM)
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Does anyone have any tips on how I can make my battery life last longer on my S20 5g +?
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Hello @Koolrunnin 


Here is what indo with my phone's although I'm not for turning off functions and features I find use for.

Also after a full day of usage open the Device Care section as this will show you what's using battery so you can take informed action.

Also use the Optomise tool there.

  • Dark Mode.
  • Dark Wzllpaper.
  • Screen Timeout is set to 2 minutes.
  • Adaptive Brightness is Off.
  • I've looked at the sync schedules of my email etc.
  • Location accuracy is Off.
  • 5G is off in my Connectivity Settings.
  • Some apps are placed in Sleep Mode.
  • Some apps are placed in Deep Sleep.
  • I use the Samsung Internet App as I find Chrome a resource hog.
  • The Facebook app has been uninstalled and now access Facebook via my browsers url via a quick link.
  • Check any relevant apps preference settings for background usage and location usage.
  • I only use 2 widgets.
  • I dont use battery monitoring apps as these by their very nature constantly monitor the phone which in turn uses more battery,
  • Dont use apk files.
  • Don't read too much into battery stats and screen on time as this is a subjective topic as we all use different apps, app preferences,  phone features , phone set up preferences and network signal can affect battery too. Using dual sims can affect battery levels as the phone maintains connection to two different networks. 

One very good tip I was given years ago was to turn the battery % off in my phone's status bar and just enjoy the phone. 

An option is to carry round a pocket power bank if necessary.

I hope the above helps.

A forum search and Google search should yield more tips.

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