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baffling camera decisions by samsung, s20 plus vs note 10 plus

(Topic created on: 18-04-2020 11:15 PM)
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hi all,


i had an s20 plus exynos for a few weeks which i then returned as i was so underwhelmed with the camera. I then got hold of a note 10 plus exynos and started comparing the files and footage between the two.


note 10 plus looked way better. better HDR in photo and video, and less over saturation. the hdr10+ footage also looked way better. one thing that stood out was that the s20 camera was using under half the bitrate in video that the note 10 plus was. and in hrd10+, about a third of the bitrate. why would samsung do that?? obviously the s20 in theory has the better sensors, certainly size wise anyway.


its very fustrating as i prefer the s20 as a device, but the cameras are a deal breaker. samsung could absolutely transform their camera app by allowing user bitrate choice and saturation/contrast control. i know in pro mode you have sat/contrast control but you then lose HDR. filmic pro puts out some good looking footage on the note 10 plus, but then you lose gyro-eis.