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Autocorrect error after update

(Topic created on: 13-01-2022 04:04 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

After the latest update, whenever I start a new message, my autocorrect is "correcting" it to the last word I typed in the last message.  This happens regardless of what app I'm in.  For instance I'd I type "see you tomorrow" in WhatsApp and go to type a new text message in the text app, no matter what I write it will change it to "tomorrow".  Any ideas on what to do?  Should I just roll back the update?  Samsung Note S20 on Verizon.  

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Galaxy S20 Series

I'm experiencing issues with my Samsung Keyboard and the predictive text option so I've turned predictive off for now and have been told by Samsung to keep checking for updates.

So for now I'm also using swiftkey. 

You could try going into the settings of your keyboard and reset to default to see if that helps @Jas13 

Unfortunately you can't roll back to a previous software via the native settings in your phone.

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