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Adaptive refresh-rate and resolution

(Topic created on: 30-03-2020 06:42 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I have a suggestion for a functionality to implement in the new S20 series. I'm satisfied owner of the S20 Ultra and I find one of features quite disappointing. It's binary and mutually exclusive choice between a full resolution and a 120 Hz refresh-rate. It would be great if this choice would be more flexible. Some users already have suggested that setting 1440p and 120Hz should be possible, and I think it's not bad idea. However, I'm also aware that it might cause significant battery draining. Therefore, I think possibly the best option would be introducing adaptive refresh-rate and may be even resolution by which I mean software improvements which would adjust refresh-rate and resolution to pre-defined or user-defined pattern. For example general UI and home screen could be displayed in 1080p and 120Hz, just like games, but YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Gallery, Videos app etc. could be switched to 1440p and 60Hz for as long as played content does not exceed 60 FPS. As I mentioned earlier it's quite disappointing that I have to choose between resolution and refresh-rate what forces me to watch hi-res videos in obsolete FullHD. Not too impressive for a company being a leader in display technology.

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Superuser II
Galaxy S20 Series

Hi @TheBlueSpot 


To get this advice direct to the Samsung Developers I'd suggest to send it via the Samsung Members App as feedback.


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