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Wi-Fi Problem

Hi Everyone - I have been experiencing problems with my S20 Ultra's connection to my Wi-Fi, it keeps dropping and not wanting to reconnect. I have checked my Wi-Fi and all is well with it on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I do not have any other Wi-Fi signals near the channels I am using. I have an Asus Lyra Mesh set-up. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Thanks
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Superuser I

Maybe try forgetting the wifi network in your settings and reset it back up @Weatherman 


Have you had the opportunity to latch to another source of Wi-Fi to see how that goes ?


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My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Hi BandOfBrothers - Thank you, that is always an excellent thing to try.
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I have exactly the same problem with S20 Ultra and Asus Lyra network. Dropping connection and refusing to reconnect. Saying Authentication Error bur there is nothing wrong with the setup or passords.

But as soon as I move closer to the main Lyra it will reconnect. As long as I am close to a satellit Lyra it does not reconnect.

Other devices including a Samsung S8 does not have any problems.

Hi PerDahVst - Thanks so much for your reply, really interesting. I tend to notice that my S20 Ultra has lost its Wi-Fi connection when I am close to the primary Lyra node, but that is where I tend to use the phone most 🙂 I have to turn the Wi-Fi off and back on then it reconnects fine. Silly and a bit annoying. Hoping for a fix in an upcoming update...

Yesterday I tried to set WMM APSD to Disabled in the Lyra settings. So far no disconnections or dropouts during the last day. Hope it stays stable.

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