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Using Edge Panel on Lock Screen for Phone calls/Texts only opens phone, doesn't initiate call or go to text conversation.

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If my phone is on the lock screen (no password/pin set up), I can't use the Edge Panel to make a phone call or go to a text conversation. Basically, the "People" panel is only effective if the phone is already unlocked.

If I use the "Apps" panel to open a specific app from the lock screen, all I have to do is swipe to open and it will take me directly to the app.

I just upgraded from an S8+, porting everything over to the S20. On the S8+, if I was 1. On the lock screen, 2. in the "people" panel, and 3. clicked on a favorited contact there to either call or text them, it would immedietly initiate the phone call, and maybe even immedietly take me to the text conversation, without requiring "swipe to unlock"

Additional info:
Using Nova Launcher


Set the screen lock type to "None" ?


Thanks for the tip, but I like to see my lock screen, as a quick way to see all my notifications at the push of one, reachable button, instead of having to reach up and pull the notification bar down. 

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