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The European Market is getting ripped off from Samsung....


Have a look at this informative test on the differences of the snapdragon and exynos processors..


Check yours with cpu-z

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Superuser I

This has been discussed countless times @Infowarrior  with most every flagship launches.




USA gets one version and we get another and then the various YouTube reviews hit testing one variant against another which usually from what I've seen has little difference.


Some users believe one is better at power management over another to name one critique.


It's down to what works well in a particular country i.e features and network etc and parts they use in different countries I believe.


I've known people to import a Samsung phone because there convinced it's better than the variant available in their own country and that's up to them.


Choice is upto the owner.



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Hi Everyone - I have had my S20 Ultra (UK version) for 5 weeks now and over all I am happy. My issue is I paid lots for this top of the range flagship phone and am now feeling the version with the snapdragon is better than mine with the exynos processors. If Samsung gave me the option of a swap I would swap! Clearly I have never tried, or seen in real life, the Snapdragon version so my feeling is based on what I have read and that although its a lovely phone the one with the Snapdragon is that bit better. Sorry Samsung but this is giving me an unwanted disappointment feeling rather than being all smug and proud to own the best ever phone.
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