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I own an S20ULTRA and I'm proud of it.


I have purchased an SD Card yesterday, in order to maximize my storage on the device.


Once installed in the device, I've moved pictures in the SD Card "picture" folder.


Now, whenever I want to upload a new picture in a social media, while selecting the photo, the order is NOT by "the most recent", but it's all a chaos.


Funny that in my "Gallery" app, the order has ramained the same as before.


How can I change the order of my photos?


It's hard to explain, because the issue is whenever selecting photos you want to upload, within a social media, but not with the "Gallery" App itself.


Hope someone could help me sorting this out.


Thanks in advance.



social media looks for the lastes modification date and sorts it that way, not in date taken order, there is little to do

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