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S20+ Which camera use and how to set it up?

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I haven't written anything about photography for a while, so I feel it's the time to fix it. After all, when, if not when the new generation of Galaxy S has arrived?


The Samsung Galaxy S20+ has 3 cameras: main, wide angle and zoom.

So first we look at the zoom camera.

I took 3 photos for you, each with a different zoom. So my S20 + should always use a different camera module.

zoom 0.5xzoom 0.5x zoom 1xzoom 1x zoom 3xzoom 3x

As you can see, there is half the street on the widest focus, 3 houses on the basic module and 3 windows on the zoom.

Let's see what it looks like if we put the 3 photos on top of each other:


Here it is even better to see the difference between modules. So don't be afraid to use all three modules. Switch between them easily by clicking the tree icon. The fewer trees, the more detailed you take a photo.

But beware! This applies if there is enough light! Under low light conditions, the wide-angle (f / 2.2) and telephoto (f / 2.0) lenses will appear less bright. It doesn't seem like that, because the basic lens has an f / 1.8, but even this few difference indicate almost half the light transmission of a wide-angle lens.

Of course, if you need a wide shot, the widescreen module is irreplaceable, but if you want to zoom, consider if you prefer to use cropping or just have less detail.

Aspect Ratio

And now let's look at another setting, namely the aspect ratio. You may have noticed that the camera settings only have the option to set the resolution for video, but no longer for photos. All that is available is the aspect ratio setting. We can choose from ratios of 4: 3, 16: 9, 1: 1 and Full.



What is what and when to use? Again we will first show the pictures:

1:11:1 4:34:3 16:916:9 FullFull

Well, what's going on? The table with the resolution of each picture will tell us more:


As we can see, the 4:3 aspect ratio has the highest resolution. 1:1 is the same in height but smaller in width, then 16:9 and Full are preserved in width, but the height is reduced.

Here is again one picture with all images:


The whole photo is 4:3, others are highlighted by colored rectangles. Here I would like to point out that, as in the first case with zoom, I did not just paint lines into one photo, but I really stacked the individual photos on top of each other. After all, it's a bit visible, because I don't have a proper tripod at home right now, so the cell phone moved a bit during the photo shoot.

The 4:3 aspect ratio uses the entire area of ​​the chip, other ratios crop the photo.

So the idea is to always take photos in a 4: 3 ratio and if necessary crop the photos at home. I recommend it and I do it, but there are exceptions.

We can use the 1:1 aspect ratio if we know we want to share the photo only on Instagram.

The 16:9 aspect ratio makes sense if we present photos on TV (they usually have this aspect ratio).

Full uses exactly the entire area of ​​the mobile phone display, if we show photos on it, it makes sense.


But it is important to realize that anything other than 4:3 means irreversibly discarding some information.

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@Steve1956 wrote:
S20 Ultra.
I want to use 16:9 (panorama) with 108 mp.
I always take photos in 16:9 to display full screen on my TV, & was looking forward to getting a high number of pixels, so I could, if I wanted to, crop them later without loss of quality.
This is currently not an option.

I'm not sure if I understand you. You can take a photo with 108 Mpx and then lossless crop it in any editor which supports lossless cropping.


@Steve1956 wrote:
S20 Ultra.
Is it possible that the option will be made available by a future software update?
Very misleading advertising😥.

I'l create an idea for developers.

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First Poster

I have recently bought the Samsung S20 Plus and i am also learning how to use it.


Thank you


am I going mad? I used to be able to switch between the different cameras (wide / normal / zoom) on my S20+, it has disappeared for photos but still shows for videos. 


Have I accidentally disabled this or has it been removed in an update? 


It works for me well. Check if you aren't in Pro mode. You can also set defalt settings in Camera.

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I've realised what it was, I changed the settings from full to 3:4 64MP.

In full no matter what camera I use the photos come out at 4032x1816, whereas in 3:4 64MP my images are 9248x6936.

It's quite a difference, tbh i probably won't bother with the full mode and stick to the 3:4
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This article is exactly what I needed to help understand the ratios, thank you 🙂

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