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S20 ultra DXo mark


 So the ultra scores a lowly 122 joint sixth  and according to them the problems are hardwear related not softwear  is it  now time f or samsung to do a product recall  and sort the issues out  ??? 


You should never look dxo mark scores for two reasons.

First they are just empty numbers and are as useful as comparing gpus based on Tflops

Second they are quite biased and not all that indipendent.


The s20 ultra score is gifted :they waited to rewiew other flagships in order to give it the bare minimum but at an acceptable level.

The score should have been much lower than it.

They gave it 97 regarding autofocus which is

just 1 point less than an s10 plus and more than any other dual pixel samsung's previous flagship. I asked them how the score could be so high for a sensor which has know widespread focus problems and their reply was that I am wrong, but clearly they are lying since there are a lot of users with focus problems anf samsung officialy quite recognised they have a problem.


From me to samsung: this year high numbers sensors have been bad. For next year abandon marketing numbers like 108mpx 88k or even 600mpx and focus on delivering a really good 12 mpx or 48 mpx at most sensor.

Stop removing things (jack to say one) and with those high price tags as time passes many people will start lookimg towards midrange of flagship killers. There is all to loose and nothing to gain, play smart.


Have a nice evening!


The score wasn't  the problem  although  disappointing  the more  worrying  was they  came to the conclusion  its  a hardware  problem so no fix with software  updates


Dxo mark did not say amything new... me and others have been explaining this since february... the only result i got was being insulted hard and no one listened to me😫

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