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S20 Ultra Auto-Brightness

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Hello! I really like samsung products and I'm currently using S20 Ultra. For now the most annoying thing for me is the screen brightness. Even if I remove auto-brightness and set it to max it keeps adjusting at direct sunlight. Please, please, please fix it. My brother wanted to check something on my phone and he couldn't see nothing because of the sunlight and he asked me "Is that the max brightness??" , he embarrassed me because i payed 1200£ for a phone that can't get bright enough when i want to... It's soo bad. Samsung screens were always the best and I want to have full control of it. I want max brightness when I set it to max, not auto. And I'm sure that it's not only me complaining about that. Please fix it! Thanks!
In the "Settings" app, navigate to "Device Care", then click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. From the pop-up menu, select "Advanced". You should see the toggle "Optimise Settings". Disable that.
It's already disabled.
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