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S20 Can't read full notifications which include pictures.


Hello when i get a notification from Apps on my S20 such as Amazon, News, Sports apps. I can't read the full notification when a picture is included in notification. When i pull notification down i can only read the first 3 or 4 words.


Was with samsung a few years ago and his drived me nuts. On Iphone you touch and hold and picture and full notifcation pops up.  And if you don't you can read full notifcation and see a small pic at side.


Why does Samsung not fix this problem. Lots of apps i use i can't read the full notification even some without a picture. It's been like this for years. Is there anyway to fix this problem? What's the point of recieving notifications if you can't read them in full.


Alos notifications font is tiny. When i make it a bit bigger all my apps and everthing on phone becomes bigger too. Surely Samsung could add option in settings just to increase notifcation font size only without it affecting everything elso on phone.



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@Hoopy81: The Notification Panel is intended to provide a preview of the notification, which can include the full message or only part of it depending on its size. If you tap on the notification, this will open the related application, and allow you to view any messages in full.

Thanks for the reply. I think the notifications are terrible and need fixed. What's the point of getting a notification if you can't read them in full. Been like this for years on Android.


Lots of people just want to read a notification without opening up the app every time. 

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