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Will s20 last long?

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I change my phone every 3 to 4 years, so im wondering if the s20 is efficient enough to last that long time without having issues. My s7 edge that i have since 3 and half years has just died today so is it a good call to buy the s20.

Buying a new phone is like an investment to me so i hope you guys can advice me.


Well as the S20 has only been released for a few months I fail to see how anyone could answer that accurately, but having been with Samsung since the S5 I'd put bets on that yes it will be absolutely fine


S20 will be at the best next year, when it will receive all the necessary updates, kernel, etc.

And the phone will be stable no overheating, longer battery life etc.


With the S9 was the same, S10 the same, it takes one year to solve all the problems from factory OS.


And yes, regular s20 will do 3 years with no problems, s20 5g with 12 Gb will do 5 years.

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Superuser I

Sadly no-one can answer this for you.


Technology does fail from time to time.


Samsung apply a 24 month manufacturing warranty to help.


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probably yes, maybe no is the correct answer.

If the product does not fail you could be able to use it for 5 or 6 years and it will still be more than enough if you do not want the latest and greatest, i kept my s5 for 5 years then changed it to an s10 plus last year because i wanted to upgrade and i am planning to go with that for another 6 years from now if it does not fail.

However failures are random and you cannot do anything to prevent that, from a longevity pov going with a flagship is a good future proof but how the tecnologies will evolve and how much horsepower will be needed for basic applications in the next years is not predictable, but going with the current top is the best thing you can do.

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