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Whats wrong with Samsung?


is the question many are asking....


is without a doubt that this year's s20 was/is a laughing stock in many respects, esp the s20 ultra on exynos

i mean really all variants seems to have all sorts of problems and its becoming quite obvious that this product was not tested properly and was rushed into production to meet the early feb launch date...why samsung had to launch their phones so early this year - will never know - better to be late and ready than early and not ready


i guess people could have forseen the troubles ahead when it was announced that South Korea - their home market are getting the SD variant thsi year - that was the first and biggest sign - the exynos variant is going to be a mess - clearly they wanted to avoid their home based customer revolt - but it also shows they knew about these shortcuts and deliberately still launched a phone that is not ready in EU and other markets 


There are so many issues with these phones this year i wouldnt know where to begin and i dont think i need to - pretty muhc everyone has had something going wrong - and thats just not acceptable from a $1400 phone

I can never imagine this happening with the apple phones - i know each phone has its glitches and issues but i dont recall anything of this scale and if i was too - it would point to samsung again 


on thing is clear - unlike 2-3 years ago when samsung had little to no competition on the premium smartphone market - there are now viable alternatives - and i expect next year to really see a shift in these consumers from Samsung to others - i think we can all agree is not something you can forget or forgive easily when is costing you money in your pocket

some users cant even use their phones for basic tasks - the 3 main issue - that are non camera related - really poor battery life even in 60hz standby, phone getting to hot to handle with minimal use, screen suffering from all sorts when on 120hz - shows that samsung hasnt really put a proper testing in place and just decided to release these phones and hope for the best

i didnt mention the camera here because whilst is been the most discussed out there - and understandably since they marketed these phones so much based on camera - because i think you can live up with a *****ty camera for a few months (altough again you shouldnt) before they release a SW update - you really cant live up with a phone that has no battery to last you thru a day, heats up like hell and screen is greenish or discolored + it randomly restartes for some users...and for hell you shouldnt face these issues when is the MOST expensive standard design phone on the market


so yes i think people will remember this next year and they will buy from others - i for one will do - simply because this year's experince with samsung upgrade has made me never to want to deal with this brand - is just so poor and clearly there's better options out there - many people have been in the samsung ecosystem for so long its a bit scary to think you'd have to swap but the simple fact you need to consider it - shows how bad this year's been 


i think the worst of it all - and what pains all of us - is samsung blatantly ignoring everyone and everything - notice they have yet to acknowledge or provide any public statement related to WTF is going on with all these issues; they release slow and buggy SW updates that makes things even worse and are simply not keen on taking any responsability for the travesty these ultra premium phones have turned out to be 


if history is an indicator - samsung had a habit of ignoring issues when they get too bad to be fixed and simply moves on to the new model, learning little or nothing from the experience

this year showed perfectly what happens when you are focusing on money and not innovation, their camera and 120hz screens that were meant to be their aces have turned out to be the leading reasons for all these issues - pointing out that they didnt really spent much implementing these features and probably decided to throw some swanky advertising and let consumers deal with the aftermath 


regardless to whats going on around the world today (covid19) is no reason for samsung to hide its ugly head and leave consumers that spend so much money - feeling cheated and abandoned - because they will remember this - TRUST ME THEY WILL - and next year you might have a big suprise when you will see no one will give ***** about your s21/s30 etc


Shame on you samsung!!! SHAME!!!


100% agree with what you have written and it is a feeling shared by other people.


I for one wont be buying a Samsung when my contract comes to an end in two years time. I have learnt the hard way now not to jump into buying a phone when it has not been truely tested. Especially with the reviewers coming out with fake glowing reviews for this phone.


Back to iPhone for me in two years time. There is nothing revolutionary about the s20 Ultra. We should feinitly start some legal proceedings in this regard.



I feel so cheated paying so much for this ***** where they cut corners everywhere and KNOWINGLY put in a bad SoC just to save a few bucks. 


The least they could do is to acknowledge they made a mistake and offer free (or very favorable) trade-in to a note 20 or s21 super plus ultra (given they either come with snapdragon or they fixed their sh*tty exynos).

The reality is that Samsung wont do anything neither will they admit. They know they screwed it up and were sadly stuck with it for now. 

When these companies get sloppy thats when its time to switch over. 

Its like going to buy a car and there two different versions of it. One that has a seatbelt one that doesnt.

I am glad all the noise we are making is being picked up by tech sites.  You would have to just read the threads on here of how Samsung has lied qnd screwed us all over.


I wouldnt be surprised if they started deleting threads.


i forgot to say that another sign of the bleak performance of the s20 was the limitation of the 120hz to fhd despite knowing that is phisically possible to deliver it at qhd as well


leaving aside the battery drain - that could have made the exynos versions unusable - it also raises the issue of how the display would have cope with it - since we're seeing now these screen issues showing up in 120hz 


i think the signs were there but of course we belived and trusted samsung to offer the quality they so much take pride in


but this year again they failed - and with everything thats happening - it could be a big nail in their coffin 


The problem is that no matter how bad they make the phone, they will always sell tens of millions of it.

Plus this is only a part of total profits of the Samsung Mobile department, and Samsung as such, so any negative sales figures will get diluted and will not provide a significant feedback for improvement of the product line.

Additionally, this year, they can blame poor S20 sales on the coronavirus situation.

Myself, after being dissapointed with the S8, S9+ and S10+, all of them Exynos, I have finally learned my lesson.

I'm currently on S10+ ceramic, with half-day of battery life (so no travel, as the charging is ridiculously slow) and a periodically dropping Wi-Fi (so e.g. try to watch a YouTube video).

If you look up publications about the background of how Samsung is run as a company, you will start to understand that none of these issues are a coincidence.

It's simply what happens when a company is so rich that it doesn't need to listen to market signals anymore, because its managers and employees will get rewarded irrespective of the quality of the work they produce. Hence also the obvious total lack of a proper QA process.

I think this is what happened with Boeing too.

This year is especially sad because of the Huawei P40 Pro+ situation, which, I would bet that the Google Apps ban was at least partially sponsored by Samsung who can't keep up with real innovation anymore. The year they got overtaken by Huawei on global sales numbers is the year Trump's trade war on Huawei has started.

That said, the P40 still has its own issues, like bad camera UI and extremely narrow cameras FOVs, including the ultrawide. But I would still buy it if it had the Google Apps, because the rest of the phone is stellar (I also have the P30 Pro).

Those are all valid points.

Having seen the leaks to do with the upcoming iPhone it does look good.
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The s10 I got 2 months ago my camera is awful and it has not been fixed or can't be fixed, so it doesn't surprise me the s20 won't be fixed, surely with fake reviews and even when I purchased my phone on a 2 year contract I should be allowed cancel it, the seller states great low light camera and top of the range when it's far from it, surely false advertisement but I tell you now I'll gladly leave Samsung after owning 4 of their phones, the p30 Pro my dad has the camera is much better, Samsung don't care about anyone posts, they won't fix it, they will make more phones and pay for brilliant reviews but you can only scam someone once before they learn not to believe the fake reviews, if I zoom at all in any video or light I get a pixilated mess it was the one reason I went for the phone so F U Samsung 

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