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What about Galaxy S* Active Again ???

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Hello everyone, I don`t think that I`m big fan of SAMSUNG, but I am sure that I am fan of my Galaxy s8 Active...For a years I don`t switch to another phone because I dont like that #GlassMetalBSHT for few reasons - first of all I don`t like how it is feel in hand, i can see fingerprints all over it, also it much more easy to drop it from your hand and if you will drop it...Pff nothing to say, i think everyone understand that softplastic with special corners on active is much more tough that glass and metal in S series...So I think I am not the only one who love Galaxy S* Active series and I want to open some kind of Poll "Who want to buy new Galaxy s20/s21 Active. Maybe it will be good reason to think about relaunch of Active series cause it has

- Great Soft Touch feeling

- Much more reliable materials (My still as new without any protection case, i kill 4 phones for this time that I used like my second phone **two of them was samsung :smiling-face: )
- Great flagship camera
- Realy original DESIGN
- Overall great flagship hardware
- Tough Water and dust protection
- I LOVE rubber and I dont want to buy rubber case, I want my phone to be rubber itself!
(What about give me few millions or just a few $$ and I`ll create lab that will create perfect material, only imagine feels like soft touch, no fingerprints, great in-hand feelings without accident drop risk and if you even drop it from 2 meters on a ***** rock  it will just bounce without any problem :^)  )

So If you want Galaxy S active again Just please please please post + here in comments!


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Current market trend is a glass back @ILVL94 


There are phones available that are designed to be rugged for people but they are few and far between.


As current phones typically have glass back and fronts they will all collect fingerprints on them unfortunately.


Personally I like to keep my phones protection minimalist so I buy a skin from demand for the back to keep scratches and fingerprints at bay and it adds grip.


And I also use the official Samsung Black Leather Clip on case.


I hope you find the phone your wanting and you could give Samsung the feedback via the Samsung Members App.


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But it make no sense..I mean you buy a phone to buy a case. Any case will add to your phone few mm of size and if I can hold my s8 active without case in my pocket, I can not hold s10+ or s20 s20+ with case in pocket. And what does it mean "Current market trend"???...Samsung is the one who creates a trends..I think if tomorow you will present absolutely new super duper material everyone will be glad and everyone will copy stile of that trend. Do you remember S5...forget about "metal" plasctic on sides..but soft on a back was just amazing..And if you create something and everybody says "oh that soft was cheap material" and you kill it - you kill yourself your style and your identical :^) I won`t buy any garbage till you will show me something like s8 active or s5 style new flagship. Peace - Love - Give Us Something New(or good Old)

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