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We want Snapdragon if paying 1400$


Starting with i im big fan and samsung user for years and in love with s20 ultra. But exynos processors is not for s20ultra specially when i paid 4500 aed for the phone. 

I am facing issues apart from camera 

- Battery life- i do know that it is depending on the user but customer care is using that as excuse now. I am hardly using the phone for gaming or editing. Mistly calls and emails and i am getting 5 hours battery

- App crash- few of my apps just crash while using even after 12 gb ram in it. Weird 

- over heating- big issue how can it over heat 🔥 with basic usage

I still believe exynos is not meant for this device and i will request Samsung to kindly replace it with Snapdragon. I really feel ripped off with exynos.

I hope Samsung read this and reply back to me personally if not on this page.


Hey @Zzy91 ,


this is not what we expect from our new range. However, as Samsung EU/UK we are unable to comment on other region product specifications and I would encourage you to contact support in your country to provide you with the right information. Find all their contact details here. 


thank you for replying back. really appreciate that.
well i called and they said battery and heating issues is bcz of third party application.
i told them that i am only using the phone for whatsapp, calls and emails these days and really busy for using for anything else these days. and they said that is the only reason that ur using third party apps like whatsapp.

but i have been using that on note10 and many other samsung phones. this is not the first time and now using these same apps on 1400$ premium phone i having issues like over heating and less battery life.

i know battery life is subjective and on customer usage but my usage is basic and comparing with note 10 plus i am getting less battery life on s20 ultra.
sorry to say but the answer i got from customer care seems like a excuse that can be said to any customer and they will just let it go.

Actually that's what they said to many who contacted Samsung... Always a third party app or factory reset etc etc... And the rest of the phones don't overheat or have a really bad battery life and have the same apps .. magic!

I really want samsung to recall all exynos mobile and give Snapdragon all over the world. This chip is not the best for s20 ultra. Camera difference, battery life and so many other essential things are effected and not as same as what they market.

I hope samsung give s20 customers with exynos chip a replacement or discount on s20 note (Snapdragon version) 


Ok got the please " reset " email too, what a bloody joke. 

Phone got worse! 

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