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Despite following tips about clearing cache, sending myself a message, etc, I am unable to get rid of New Voicemail Icon. Can anyone help please?
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try go to your voice mail listen to it then follow instructions like press 1 to save press2 delete ect.. sometime the if the icon still there call up your voice deactivate the voice mail message, then activate it again
hope that help

@annieatPott: As a potential workaround, please try calling your own phone and leaving a message, or asking a friend or family member to do it, then access your voicemail, listen to the message and delete it. This will potentially refresh your inbox, and prevent further notifications from coming through. 

thank you.
I've had this issue since I bought my phone. I have to silence for 2 hrs every 2 hrs. I've heard it is possibly down to provider .
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